How To Choose Right Shampoo For Your Hair Type According To Dermatologists

Do you know that most people are tragically unaware of the fact that they’re using the wrong shampoo? Recently, I’ve been chatting with one instagram Rapunzel and when I asked her what’s the trickiest thing in her hair journey, she mentioned the sad truth: “The most difficult thing is to find your shampoo soulmate” Picking … Read more

Mielle Organics Rosemary Mint Oil Review: 3 Things You Should Know

Embracing natural hair for over a decade has been a journey filled with challenges, especially in the quest for hair products tailored to one’s specific needs. The fear of a beloved product undergoing reformulation or becoming inaccessible is a genuine concern among those who have found their hair care holy grail. This sentiment lies at … Read more

3 Problems With Sulfate-Free Shampoos

As the hair-care industry progresses — thanks, science! — you learn more about what’s safe to slather on your scalp and what you probably ditch at all costs. That said, some ingredients are hiding on shampoo and conditioner labels that, while not necessarily toxic, get a bad rap for hurting hair health. Sulfates are the … Read more

Minoxidil For Hair Growth: 7 Secrets You Should Consider

Minoxidil, a topical solution hailed as a hair growth miracle, has undeniably sparked both excitement and controversy in the realm of hair care. Marketed for its ability to stimulate hair growth and combat hair loss, it’s a go-to for many seeking to rejuvenate their locks.  This FDA-approved treatment comes in various formulations, easily accessible over … Read more

5 Drugstore Deep Conditioners You Should Use This Winter

Winter hair woes? Don’t sweat it! The chilly months can wreak havoc on your locks, leaving them dry and lackluster. But fear not – affordable deep conditioners from the drugstore can be your hair’s saving grace against the effects of winter dryness and hot tool damage. When choosing a winter deep conditioner, look for a … Read more

Coconut Oil Kills Your Hair And Scalp Health

Coconut oil can be detrimental for your hair and scalp. Wow… that’s such an unpopular opinion. Is it a scam or just another click-bite heading? Let’s take a deeper dive and discuss why coconut oil, this Holy Grail beauty product, could be bad for your hair and scalp. For thousands of years, coconut oil has … Read more

Natural Hair Growth Remedies: Mustard Powder Mask

Hair loss is a common concern affecting many, stemming from various factors like stress, hormonal changes, or inadequate nutrition. Often, individuals resort to products like Minoxidil for hair regrowth, but there are safer, DIY alternatives available. Today, let’s explore two powerful DIY solutions — Mustard Powder Mask and Liquid Vitamins —that pave the way for … Read more

Best Anti Dandruff Shampoos You Need This Winter

Ah, the seasonal battle with dandruff—a common woe for many, especially during winter! Picture those pesky flakes dotting your dark clothes, causing embarrassment and frustration. But why does dandruff love to make its appearance during the colder months? Winter’s dry air and decreased sunlight can upset the balance of the scalp, providing the perfect environment … Read more

Best Shampoos For Thin Damaged Hair

The journey with thin, damaged hair is intricate and personal—a constant quest to find the perfect shampoo that understands and restores. It’s a challenge that resonates deeply, searching for that elusive formula that nurtures fragile strands without overwhelming them. The struggle lies in balancing care and nourishment without sacrificing volume or weighing down delicate locks. … Read more

Hair Oils From Target You Need to Grow Healthy Hair

Ready for a hair growth journey that’s nothing short of miraculous? Target’s got the goods, and these growth oils are total game-changers! Check them out: 🌟The Mane Choice Alpha Multi-Vitamin Scalp Growth Oil This beauty could be your secret weapon, much like the legendary Mielle Rosemary Mint Oil! What sets it apart? It’s packed with … Read more
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