Hard Water: Your Hair And Scalp Silent Killer

You’ve tried everything but your hair becomes more brittle and dry after every wash and your scalp never feels clean no matter what shampoo you lather on it? That might be due to hard water. Hard water – the term itself sounds like the name of the thriller. How actually water could be hard? When … Read more

Is It Dandruff or Dry Scalp?

YOUR SCALP IS ITCHY AND FLAKES OFF? If you’ve once experienced a flaky scalp, you know how embarrassing it could be Don’t dash immediately to the nearest drugstore to grab an anti-dandruff shampoo. You may experience the above-mentioned symptoms because of the dry scalp.  Dandruff and dry scalp can be a sign of the condition … Read more

DMDM Hydantoin: Is It Safe?

DMDM Hydantoin: you might have seen the name of this ingredient on your shampoo label. Recently, this ingredient got lots of negative attention.  The formaldehyde releaser, DMDM Hydantoin has been getting heavy press recently due to the numerous class lawsuits that have been filed in the US. To date, TRESemme, Paul Mitchell, OGX, Suave, and … Read more

Best Shampoos For Oily Scalps

When it comes to shampoos for oily scalp, it’s important to ditch certain ingredients in your shampoo – namely, heavy moisturizers that can weigh your hair down and make it look greasier, like coconut oil, shea butter, and honey.  Another good idea is to steer clear from silicones. Silicones coat your strands to lock in … Read more

What’s in Your Shampoo: Preservatives and Parabens You Should Stay Away From

Modern shampoo formulas are loaded with a plethora of chemicals that your strands never really asked for, like preservatives and parabens. These ingredients are likely to be accumulated by the organism and have a negative impact on health in the long run. Besides detergents, shampoos have a great number of preservatives listed on their labels. … Read more

Most Common Harmful Ingredients in Your Shampoo: Detergents

Have you ever checked the ingredients list before buying a shampoo? When picking out a shampoo, we often look for an incredible smell or stylish bottle. But the ugly truth about those attractive and standing out shampoo bottles is that they may  have a great number of harmful ingredients inside. What shampoo ingredients are more … Read more