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  • Diagnose

    Complete HairCare App questionnaires and unlock your personalized advice on how to organize your hair care routine and what products to buy

  • Buy recommended products

    Get recommendations from our experts. Use only products that match your hair and scalp profile. Avoid dangerous and hazardous ingredients.

  • Follow your personal schedule

    Discover a list of hair care routines tailored for your needs. Complete your daily hair tasks and enjoy your journey to healthier hair No need to dash to an expensive hair salon – your personal hair care assistant is always in your pocket.

  • Grow hair of your dream

    We’ll guide you step by step in your journey to beautiful healthy hair.

Learn your hair needs

You’ll understand what is required for your hair and what is better to avoid.

Follow your plan

Get personal plan and follow it throughout your journey.

Get products recommendations

Get safe and healthy options for your hair profile. Avoid hazardous ingredients.

Keep tracking your progress

Save your everyday images, notes and products. Go back in time and see how your transformation is going.

Use healthy DIY recipes

Prepare safe and effective recipes of masks and oils to promote healthy scalp and growth.

Read advice from our experts

Receive actual information and useful advice every week. Which products is better for my hair? Is it safe ingredients? Myth or truth? We answer all these questions and many more every week.

Why people are using hair care app?

personal plan

You’ll get your personal schedule tailored to your hair and scalp profile. No need to browse the internet and search for hair care routine. Your best routine is in the app.

Hair care journal

Track your progress during the path to hair of your dream. Save photos, notes, products and your overall satisfaction index for every day. Travel back in time and see your hair transformation

products recommendations

Get products that match your hair profile. And receive unique insights from our experts of how to choose the right products

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